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Recent News

A 6th novel mutation reported to cause PT-VWD

Jan 31st 2014. A new non- previously reported mutation within VWF binding region of GP1BA  gene is now reported in a patient diagnosed with PT-VWD in Argentina....


PT-VWD updates reported to ISTH 2012: SSC-VWF

July 27 2012 Click here for an update http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.isth.org/resource/resmgr/yearly_subcommittee_minutes/2012_minutes.pdf


PT-VWD updates reported to ISTH 2011: SSC-VWF

Aug 16 2011 Click here for an update http://www.isth.org/default/index.cfm/ssc1/2011-ssc-subcommittee-minutes/2011-von-willebrand-factor-minutes/


New to the site: PT-VWD Forum

April 8th 2011 Dear patients, clinicans, specialists, scientists and technologists with interest/ experience in PT-VWD:  a forum has just been created on the site to...


PT-VWD Project Full Results Now Published

Feb 9th 2011 PT-VWD project detailed results are now online:  Thrombosis and Hameostasis prepublished February 08, 2011 Frequency of Platelet type versus Type...


Final Data from the PT-VWD Project at ISTH-SSC Cairo May 2010

June 10th 2010 The final results from a three years project searching for the rare bleeding disorder PT-VWD in addition to Updates on the PT-VWD registry  were...


PT-VWD Registry and Worldwide Survey to be Discussed at the ISTH SSC- VWF Meeting

July 10th 09 The PT-VWD registry and results from a worldwide survey will be discussed at the Von Willebrand Factor  SSC- bussiness session on Sunday July 12th...


Canadian PT-VWD project Update at ISTH July 2009

April 30th 2009 Progress and update from the Canadian PT-VWD project will be discussed in the von Willebrand Disease oral Session at  ISTH July 2009. http://www.isth2009.com Title:...